Each special quarter will run focused research and reading groups, coordinated Ph.D. coursework, and public workshops and events. Public workshops and events are announced on the institute mailing list, all are welcome to attend, and no application is necessary. Individuals interested in joining the active research efforts are encouraged to apply below.

Ph.D. students and predoctoral fellows

The institute invites active participation in the research-focused activities of the quarter from current Ph.D. students. Interested students should fill out the Ph.D. student participation form. Limited funding is available.

IDEAL Postdoctoral Fellowships

The institute invites applications for two postdoctoral fellowships starting Fall of 2020. One fellowship is based at the Toyota Technology Institute at Chicago and one fellowship is based at Northwestern University. Apply here.

Visiting Scholars

The institute invites active participation from visiting scholars who are postdocs, researchers, or faculty at other institutions. Interested scholars should fill out the visiting scholar participation form. Unfortunately the institute does not have additional funding for visiting scholars.